Friday, August 1, 2014

Alysha Nett | A Gloomy Day In Venice

I shot with Brad Ernske the other day in Venice and I loved the results. It was pretty overcast that morning, but I sort of expected that and was excited. It's so easy to get great results when you're shooting on film, with a leica, on an overcast day in California. I brought two looks and this was the first. Brad had mentioned he was in to my recently more "relaxed" look and I couldn't be happier. Basically, that meant I could dress as I normally do AND I didn't have to brush my hair. BONUS!

P.S. I took that final image of my shoes with a 1960's Yashica A camera. Look it up. Things are NO JOKE. Hence, the reason it is so out of focus haha.

Photographer: Brad Ernske

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Alysha Nett
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