Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Alysha Nett | Got A Sign On My %!#@, Bad Bi$hes Only!

Whats that saying..? Something like, "well behaved women rarely make history"? if thats the case, then hopefully I'm on my way to my own national holiday because, damn, this biSh knows how to be bad. *Hair Flip* Sweatpants in public can be tough to justify, but with the popularity of comfort wear at an all time high, it's hard not to gracefully accept the challenge of incorporating THE MOST COMFORTABLE THING EVER in to my wardrobe. These sweats from HellzBellz are not only comfy, but the cuff at the bottom makes them perfect with a pair of heels. Whenever I'm trying to pull this look off, I always feel like the balance of the bulky bottom needs a fitted crop up top. What would you do to feminize some sweats?

Photographer: Max Thompson

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  • Earrings- A Boutique on Melrose
  • Halter Top- Motel
  • Necklace- Xevana
  • Sweatpants- HellzBellz
  • Shoes- Qupid
Alysha Nett
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