Friday, August 22, 2014

Samii Ryan | That Day

Do you ever take photos and remember that day exactly? Yeah, well I totally remember what went down this day. Photo in the afternoon with Randy, some yummy lunch at a hotdog joint in DTLA.  I always wish that I could turn back time. But if you could turn back time would the things that happened would just happen further down the line? Everything happens for a reason right? I am trying to figure out my life right now.. learning how to love myself before I love someone else.. I should probably give my full love to Samii Ryan right now.

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Photographer: Randy Tran

  • Jersey- Dope
  • Shorts- Cult Of Individuality
  • Hat- Forever 21
  • Shoes- UrbanOG
  • Accessories- By Samii Ryan, Coordinates Collection

Samii Ryan
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